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The Stephen Spear Series consists of two full length novels, Vanity Fierce and The IndignitiesHowever, for the ebook format, The Indignities has been split into three separate and inexpensive ebooks.

Vanity Fierce ( print and ebook)

Vanity Fierce

A deceptively engaging read; a thoroughly modern satire of urban ghetto lifestyles… peppered with characters both pungent and picaresque, it’s something of an antipodean Bildungsroman.‘  Gay Times (London)

Required reading… Aitken’s depictions are real to the point of recognition. Light, funny, and a great holiday read.‘ Time Out (London)

The Indignities ( print )

The Indignities

A must read.’ Sydney Star Observer

Aitken skilfully blends explicit sexual detail with fine observational humour… Aitken’s wit is wicked in every sense of that word, while his ability to address confronting issues in a deceptively sunny manner is admirable.’ Australian Book Review

The gay world has turned since Vanity Fierce, with the internet making its mark on social and sexual behaviour. Aitken has a keen sense of that, opening a window onto the lively confusions of gay culture. Stephen is an unlikeable, vain character, but there’s a good chance he’ll remind you of someone you know.’  The Age (Melbourne) 

The Indignities series (3 ebooks)


50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (print and ebook)

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

A sort of gay Adrian Mole … There are laughs aplenty but also moments of agony … Told with bare-faced honesty, it is a warm, cruel, funny tale.‘  The Sunday Age (London)

Touching and sad, 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous also has some very funny moments.’  The Times (London)

If I knew fifty ways of saying fabulous, I’d use them all to praise this charming first novel.’  Edmund White

A gentle, poignant story of a fat boy who fantasises romance and glamour without yet having a name for what he is … Aitken writes with a distinctive voice, one that is wonderfully evocative.‘  Dennis Altman, The Age (Melbourne)

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous DVD

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous DVD

This film adaptation of Graeme Aitken’s novel was directed and written by Stewart Main. It stars Andrew Patterson, Harriet Beattie, Jay Collins and Michael Dorman.

‘Main child thesps, all nonpros making their first screen appearances, are exceptionally good — not the least 7-year-old Georgia McNeill as Billy’s forever tagging-along little sis. Dorman is deft in what’s by far the most defined adult role.’ Variety

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous Trailer

Top Mark ( ebook short)

Top Mark

 In his trademark sexy style, Graeme Aitken explores the intricacies of a modern gay relationship with wit, insight and empathy in this new e-book short.

Also available in French language and Spanish language editions.